Rim to Tyre Width Recommendation Table

RM Team Rims recommended tyre widths for given rim widths.

Rim WidthMin tyre widthIdeal tyre widthMax tyre width
5.0 inches155 mm165 to 175 mm185 mm
5.5 inches165 mm175 to 185 mm195 mm
6.0 inches175 mm185 to 195 mm205 mm
6.5 inches185 mm195 to 205 mm215 mm
7.0 inches195 mm205 to 215 mm225 mm
7.5 inches205 mm215 to 225 mm235 mm
8.0 inches215 mm225 to 235 mm245 mm
8.5 inches225 mm235 to 245 mm255 mm
9.0 inches235 mm245 to 255 mm265 mm
9.5 inches245 mm255 to 265 mm275 mm
10.0 inches255 mm265 to 275 mm285 mm
10.5 inches265 mm275 to 285 mm295 mm

*This table serves only as a guide, you should always consult your local tyre specialist for best tyre fit size.


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